Saturday, December 6, 2008


Okay last night a little after 11pm I'm pulling out the driveway slowly (because I'm in the GF's car and lawd help me if I scratch it) and my mind goes WTF? Slowly these images of white paper stretched on every conceivable surface in my front yard hits me.

WE HAVE BEEN TP'D!! Or for those not up on acroynms we've been toilet papered.

Now my first thought after the initial outlay of cuss words was kids being kids. That slowly faded as I drove thru my neighborhood and realised that we were the only house that got TP'd. So now I'm trying to figure out why. It can't be because we're black, 60% of the neighborhood is black. So logic says elimate the obvious and your left with the reality. Two females living in the big house on the end of the street. No kids and all visitors to home appear to be female as well. Are you with me so far?

I think we got TP'd because we're gay. I could be wrong. Hell I hope and pray that I'm wrong. In the meantime I filled a police report and reported the incident to the home owners association.

After doing all that I still felt I was possibly missing something, and my mind was still whirling so to the google machine I went. Found the site Stophate that basically broke down hate crimes around the US. Relatively proud of myself for reporting even if it leads nowhere or in the end isn't really a hate but a bunch of simple kids out for fun.

Wanted to share a part that really stood out to me while saying this will not be me and hopefully not you.

Hate Crimes & Their Impact
Hate crimes send a message that certain groups of us are not welcome and unsafe in a particular community. As a result, studies indicate that hate crimes appear to have more serious psychological effects on the victims and the communities they represent than do other crimes. Research indicates that victims of hate crimes often link their vulnerability to their personal, cultural, or spiritual identity. The result is that victims of hate crimes often suffer greater emotional trauma than other crime victims.

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