Thursday, January 8, 2009

does your mama know?

That's one of the first question most lesbians ask new friends or lovers. Whether mama knows or not determines the dynamics of the entire relationship. Don't believe me ask a lesbian. She's gonna either smile or cringe and then precede to tell you the whys behind either. My mother knows, not saying she supports, but she knows.

Last night on Sippin On Ink...The Colored Chronicles we talked to superwoman Lisa C Moore.

Lisa is the editor of the aptly named anthology "does your mama know" An anthology of Black Lesbian Coming Out Stories. "does your mama know" was released many moons ago and honestly serves as a "bible" and a staple for those coming out or staying in. She announced a new release of this anthology with 15 new stories!

Feel free to check out "does your mama know" and her smorgasbord of other books as well under her publishing company Redbonepress. com.

In October you have to come to Fire and third cotillion. I plan on being there!

All in all this has to be one of my faves so far. Speaking to woman who inspires while walking the walk and talking the talk.

Now back to writing!