Monday, February 23, 2009


Authorities in Tamarac, Fla. say a woman was caught injecting foul-smelling liquid into baby food in a supermarket. Officials say 50-year-old Shirley Ybarra (ee-BAR’-uh) was spotted Tuesday night by Publix employees adding a black liquid that smelled like ammonia to the baby food and juice containers. Sheriff’s deputies said Ybarra told the employees she was mixing food for her son — but her son is 21. Deputies said it didn’t appear that she had tampered with baby food in any other stores and that the public is not at risk. The woman was taken for a mental evaluation, then to jail and charged with poisoning food or water. She’s also accused of violating her probation on a charge of aggravated battery after a stabbing in 2006. She doesn’t yet have a lawyer.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Freedom to Marry

On Thursday morning I got a call. Are you coming to the "protest" today...uhmmmm no. Two minutes later my answer was yes. So I spent the next hour googling information I should have known. Such as this was the 12th annual Freedom to Marry Week. 12yrs people!

Not that the information in various emails hadn't been thrown my way its just my apathetic nature to glance and move on. Almost the same way I read the religious and "you go girl" email blasts.

So I start to get excited and calling other friends to see if they are going to participate at the courthouse. I got the uhmmmmmm no but it wasn't followed by a yes two minutes later. Left work early to change clothes due to the media possibly being there and me going to work barely matching.

Arrive and its a small group but hey this is Jacksonville and I'm surprised to even see two people show. We go thru security and head into the courthouse where we are told politely that we can't fill out an application for a marriage license but we can take pictures in the gazebo. So we You know us lesbo's, every occasion is a good picture taking moment.

It was a quick hour out of my day that turned into the highlight of my week internally. Just so you know I personally don't want to get married anytime soon or even think marriage is for me but the idea that I "can't" pisses off the "human" in me.

Next year I'll be there and I promise to bring at least one more person with me...and every year after til our human rights are recognized, I will be there.

Freedom To Marry


So I'm trying to figure out the angle of this blog..personal, semi-personal or business. Still don't know the answer so I guess I should put what I want to share and we'll go from there.

Here's a bit of poetry...

I am distance...
not intentional
but it happened

One phone call
not returned
one email
never answered

I tried
not to lie
When I said I miss them
And you...

Honestly I was happy
there was distance
between me
and them

Continuing it
with continued lies
of assumptions

I love you...still

Honest if I say
that glad I am
that you
think less of me

Now the reasons for
exist no longer

Scribbles of fake font
as we dribble bile
and ingest venmon
disguised in
no issues
we friends
of the family
not needed
no longer

Truth came
when least expected
due to lies
being giving seed
to fertile imaginations

Imagine my surprise
when told assumptions
fed by hate
jealousy of
things not fed in years

Still digesting
while acknowledging
that time has passed
and time will pass

As distance becomes you

Catching UP

Okay here's a quick catch up on the shows. And yes I know I am two shows behind!! I need a guest blogger to report on my weekly shows. Drop me a line if interested!

Stanley Bennett Clay:

If you are looking to be inspired to be better than, then this is the show for you. Mr Clay took us around the world in 60 minutes and told us how you can be black, gay and male and still make it in LA. Listen in and learn.

Kortney Ryan Ziegler:

If you missed this show then you missed one of the best interviews or rather one of the more interesting ones thus far. I had a co-host who was great, thanks Denise!For those not knowing "still black: portrait of a black transmen" is one of those films you have to watch several times over to really grasp the enormity of what you are seeing and hopefully ingesting. Kortney Ryan Ziegler and producer Awilda Rodriguez did an awesome job with a still somewhat taboo subject matter. You can find more information for the film on

Thursday, January 8, 2009

does your mama know?

That's one of the first question most lesbians ask new friends or lovers. Whether mama knows or not determines the dynamics of the entire relationship. Don't believe me ask a lesbian. She's gonna either smile or cringe and then precede to tell you the whys behind either. My mother knows, not saying she supports, but she knows.

Last night on Sippin On Ink...The Colored Chronicles we talked to superwoman Lisa C Moore.

Lisa is the editor of the aptly named anthology "does your mama know" An anthology of Black Lesbian Coming Out Stories. "does your mama know" was released many moons ago and honestly serves as a "bible" and a staple for those coming out or staying in. She announced a new release of this anthology with 15 new stories!

Feel free to check out "does your mama know" and her smorgasbord of other books as well under her publishing company Redbonepress. com.

In October you have to come to Fire and third cotillion. I plan on being there!

All in all this has to be one of my faves so far. Speaking to woman who inspires while walking the walk and talking the talk.

Now back to writing!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Lovers and Friends...

Usher always comes to mind when I hear those words..fortunately that wasn't true on December 18th when the ladies of Lovers and Friends decided to drop by and "conversate" with me on Sippin On Ink...The Colored Chronicles.

Lovers and Friends, set in South Florida, follows the everyday drama-ridden lives of a core group of multiethnic lesbians of color and their friends and lovers.

A great time was had by all as we were introduced to each character and the actor behind the character. Beauty really is more than skip deep on this show. It was wonderful to listen to intelligent women forming new pathways and discovering/learning more of themselves in the process.

Check out the show here @ Sippin On Ink

To view the episode 4 go to Lovers and Friends

To see upcoming guests on Sippin On Ink...The Colored Chronicles

Catching up

Ah the weather outside is frightful...actually it isn't. 70+ days for the last week or two has been nice but odd. I know I'm a southern girl but even I expect a slight chill on Christmas day. Speaking of Christmas day, it was nice. We woke up early due to the doggie more than anything. She "graciously" allowed me to open one present the night before so my goodie bag meter was pegged.

I find that I get more enjoyment out of watching others go ape shit over what I got them than jumping up and down over what I got. Weird.

We spent the remainder of the day chilling in pj's in between taking naps and trying out her new expresso machine. Four days later thats still the best gift I could have bought her, she absolutely loves it and grins everytime it

Nice weekend ya'll...and when I say nice I'm talking take a picture and hide that thingy nice.

So I wake up today and make it to what pays for the bread and butter I consume, jumped on twitter and was greeted by this...

Divorced Tenn. mother appeals night ban on partnerAssociated PressMonday Dec 29, 2008A same-sex couple is asking the Tennessee Court of Appeals to lift a judge’s restriction in a child custody agreement that prevents the divorced mother’s partner of nine years from staying overnight.

The Tennessean reports The American Civil Liberties Union filed a brief Tuesday with the Court of Appeals in Jackson on behalf of Angel Chandler, a divorced mother with two kids.Chandler said Chancellor George Ellis of the 28th Judicial District in West Tennessee imposed the restriction, called a paramour clause, in May without a request from her ex-husband and despite an evaluation that showed the children were not in harm’s way from their mother’s relationship. Ellis cited local law and precedent for the paramour clause, according to the appeal.

"This decision has been disruptive to our family," Chandler said. "We lived together in a stable, functioning family, and this was rather shocking to all of us. This is about the person we choose to be with. The judge decided to interfere, and it’s had a very negative affect in our lives."

After Ellis imposed the restriction, Chandler’s partner moved into a duplex near Asheville, N.C. Chandler and her daughter, now 13, moved into the opposite side of the same duplex. Chandler’s ex-husband has custody of their 15-year-old son and has remarried.ACLU spokesman Paul Cates said the clause primarily affects lesbians and gays with children because same-sex civil unions are not recognized in Tennessee. Heterosexual couples can circumvent the paramour clause by getting married, Cates said.

"Unfortunately, this case is an all-too-familiar example of how unfairly lesbian and gay parents are treated in custody and visitation proceedings," said Hedy Weinberg, executive director of the ACLU of Tennessee. "All the children’s health and welfare organizations have long recognized that lesbian and gay parents are just as capable of being good parents as straight couples, and their children are just as well adjusted."We’re hopeful the Tennessee courts will come to that realization, too."

Now if that aint some good morning BS I don't know what is. Out of the goodness of his "christian" heart the judge decided to intervene in a situation that from all intent and purposes needed no intervention. This is why you should have gotten out of your comfy seat and voted on November 4th!! Slowly but surely every inch of ground won will be slowly lost due to apathy.